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I have loved capturing this beautiful family as they grow. Kortni was the first maternity session I ever photographed, when she was expecting her first baby, and I’ve had the privilege of capturing the boys over the years. These boys are so sweet! Those baby blues get me every time. We returned to Cordova Bay Beach, to the swing Kortni’s dad  built for her on her wedding day. The swing has slowly gotten higher as others have retied the ropes when they wear out. It will be a sad day when the swing can no longer be fixed.  It’s rather an iconic piece now. We had a great time on the beach throwing rocks in the ocean and exploring. 

Cordova Bay Swing
Family at Cordova Bay

Boy on Rocks
Father Son Hug
Dad and Son on Beach
Hugs and cuddles are the best.
Mother and Son Hug
Beach Combing
Mother and son play
Mom and Dad Kiss
Group Hug
Family Photos at Cordova Bay
Walk on the rocks
Daddy Hugs Son
Father and Son
Kortni has just started teaching Zumba! She asked for a few shots for her website. What a blast! And she rocked it! 
Kortni Does Zumba
Zumba on the Beach
Kortni Teaching Zumba
Kortni Does Zumba

I have had the privilege of photographing Island Swimming‘s team photos for many years; I think this was my fifth year in a row. I love the energy of this group! And I miss being a bigger part of the team since my daughter had to quit swimming a little over a year ago. It is fun to see the same children year after year as they grow and become stronger athletes. My daughter has said swimming at this level has taught her skills she could not have learned any other way that apply outside of swimming. Skills like persistence, time management, how to get along with a variety of different people, how to work hard and to know that she can do hard things. (She once swam 4200m Butterfly in one practice. Yes, they do hard things).  Swimming is a great sport, and Island Swimming is one of the best in the country. I’m glad I got to go back again this year.

Island Swimming Swim Team

Terry saw Gillian at work. He had to know who she was. He was immediately smitten. They are both nurses at the Royal Jubilee Renal Unit. The two of them kept their feelings professional as long as they could.  They worked together for years before Gillian finally asked Terry out for coffee. In Terry’s words, “Gillian and I found each other at work, and immediately knew we were destined to live our lives together.”  They kept their relationship secret for several months. Terry and Gillian had planned a trip to Hawaii together and the local news team just happened to be at the airport as they were checking their bags and caught them on film. The program also just happened to be playing on the television in the break room at work. Their secret was out! All their colleagues in the room saw them together on TV.  They’ve been together for 5 years now and will celebrate their love with their wedding this June. These two are truly kindred spirits. They love travel and will go wherever life takes them. They say that as nurses, they have seen too many people’s dreams unexpectedly taken from them, so they are living theirs while they can.  In fact, the week before our engagement session, they had just returned from a spontaneous trip to  Disneyland. They are two of the sweetest people I have ever met and I couldn’t be happier for them. They chose Saxe Point in Esquimalt for their engagement session and had a great time together. Is it possible to smile too much? 

Saxe Point Engagement photos
Saxe Point, Victoria BC
Engagement Photos at Saxe Point Victoria
Saxe Point engagement photos
On the beach at Saxe Point
Victoria BC Wedding Photographer
Victoria BC Wedding Photographer
Victoria BC Wedding Photography
Mature couple engaged
Mature couple engagement photos
Arbutus at Saxe Point