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I received the sweetest email from Rich. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Jamie,  with a couple’s portrait session for her birthday. What a memorable and unique gift idea! In chatting with him about the gift, it was clear he is totally crazy about her. He was sweet, nervous, and wanted to make sure everything was perfect for her. Rich was wise enough to know he should give Jamie advanced warning for the session so she was prepared. She was surprised and excited when he told her of his plans. Together they chose a late afternoon session at the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific. It’s a gorgeous spot; another hidden gem in Victoria.

They met online two years ago. She saw his picture on a Friday and sent him a message that simply said, “You have a really nice smile. I hope you have a great weekend.” He wrote back right away. They had their first date the following Monday and have been together ever since. Their portrait session was full of laughter, playful fun, and tender moments. I can’t tell you how perfect these two are together. You will just have to look through these images and see for yourself. Cute couple Playful portrait at HCP HeadshotsThis just happens with these two. Beautiful, peaceful moments like this.  Couple at Horticultural Centre of the Pacific And joyful, laughing, playful moments like this.  Couple on bridge at HCP Couple in the HCP Gardens Couple int he HCP Gardens Couple walking on grass couple kissingJamie’s right. Rich, you do have a really nice smile. And Jamie certainly helps brings that out in you. Girl hugs boyThank you both for a fun afternoon. The two of you together is perfection.

Jessica is one of a kind. She is full of life, knows what she wants, is super friendly, a talented singer, and a long-time equestrienne. And on top of this, she’s gorgeous. When she contacted me about doing not one but two portrait sessions with her, I was over the moon! The first session was her prom. She is a recent grad of Belmont Secondary here in Victoria. It is tradition for Belmont grads to meet at the back of Hatley Castle for a large group portrait of the entire graduating class right before prom starts.  Belmont has one of the largest graduating classes in all of BC. Seeing so many happy, excited youth dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate is quite the sight to behold. It’s pretty awesome. They have access to the castle grounds and gardens afterwards for pictures. Needless to say, I loved this. Jess is a joy and it shines through in her portraits.  Girl In Prom Dress Belmont Grad Jessica Girl in Italian Garden at Hatley CastleThis DRESS! It has peacock feathers! Real peacock feathers! And her shoes? Her favourite cowboy boots. The look was absolutely perfect for Jessica. Victoria BC Grad Grad in Hatley Castle Italian Garden Victoria BC Grad at Hatley Castle Gardens Grad Photos at Hatley Castle Girl in Purple Grad dressJessica’s date and boyfriend, Dylan, came along with us and helped out. He’s a super nice guy and they are just a little bit cute together.
Couple going to prom Portrait of Grad in Hatley Castle gardensClimbing trees. In cowboy boots and a prom dress. It’s totally Jess.
Girl in Prom dress in a tree Girl in Purple Prom Dress Victoria Grad at Hatley Castly I can’t wait to share her second portrait session with you. If you would like to have one of a kind grad or prom pictures like these, please don’t hesitate to contact me for the details.

Dabney has gone through many challenges in life. The most recent was facing serious skin cancer. She was to have surgery that could have permanently altered the way she looked. She asked me for a portrait session before her surgery so she could remember what she looked like before, as a treat for herself, and to have portraits to share with her family. She had never had her portraits done professionally before, so she wanted to do it right! Dabney contacted Erin Bradley to do her hair and makeup for her, as well has help her pick clothing that would suit the casual look she wanted. We had a great time walking the grounds of Hatley Castle at Royal Roads University creating these images together. And great news! She has had her surgery and all went well. Her talented surgeon did a terrific job and she looks as though nothing happened. Dabney is lovely inside and out, and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.