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The One Light Experiment – Week 27, 50 Projects

This week’s project was inspired by the photos in the P90X workbook. I love the way the photographer used light to sculpt the anatomy of the models; it’s absolutely stunning. I thought I would experiment using one light on my subjects to see what I could get. It is very harsh, dramatic lighting, and tricky […]

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Snow – Week 20, 50 Projects

Winter arrived early in Victoria. My project theme was given to me by mother nature. I went out with my camera on Saturday morning before the wedding to capture the snow. Since I like details, I focused things touched by snow. Photographing snow is a bit tricky. The bright white tricks the camera’s metering system […]

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iPhone Images – Week13, 50 Projects

The challenge I chose this week was to take pictures with my iPhone using the built in software that came with it.  I admit, this week was not my favourite. No real control over DOF, exposure, or point of focus. Yes, that was hard for me. The author, Lee Frost,  writes, “The key to making […]

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